Rep. Nicole Malliotakis In the Press

Linked media from November 2020 to the present.

Malliotakis’ Silence has GOP Mad via City and State 6/25/2021

A Trump, Fossella, and Malliotakis Saga via City and State 6/25/2021

Where’s Malliotakis’ Union Support Now? via Staten Island Advance 6/20/2021

Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers Every Day via The Island Now 6/2/2021

President Biden Calls Out Republicans for Touting Relief They Opposed via 5/28/2021

Malliotakis and other GOP Reps have ‘no shame’ touting relief plan, Biden says Staten Island Advance 5/28/2021

Liz Cheney Sees Re-Election Bid as Big Moment for GOP via Wall Street Journal 5/26/2021

Readers Sound Off On Republican Leaders… via NY Daily News 5/22/2021

Congresswoman should explain Background Checks Act vote (letter to the editor) via Staten Island Advance 6/3/2021

Malliotakis Betrays Liz Cheney, elections, constituents, and the rule of law – again via Caribbean Life 5/13/2021

Republicans promote pandemic relief they voted against via Associated Press 5/6/2021

Keith Rabois Gives Money to Malliotakis via Politico 4/19/2021

Steve Wynn Gives $770K to GOP House Fund via 4/17/2021

More Lawmakers Tout COVID Relief Funds They Voted Against via Forbes updated 4/17/2021

You’re Ranting Again via The Baltimore Sun 4/15/2021

Big Business Pushback Gains Momentum via the Telegraph 4/14/2021

Jet Blue Defends Political Donation to Malliotakis via TravelPulse 4/10/2021

Jet Blue Stands By Political Donation Amid Social Media Furor via Bloomberg Government 4/9/2021

Jet Blue Ends Pause on PAC Contributions, Discloses Donation to Malliotakis via The National Herald 4/9/2021

Corporate Money Starts Reaching GOP again via MSNBC 4/9/2021

Jet Blue PAC Contributions After Siege via Yahoo! News 4/8/2021

Jet Blue Donation via Bloomberg Government 4/8/2021

Free Speech; Ugly Shoes via Jezebel 4/5/2021

Glass Houses via City & State 3/13/2021

Ex-Malliotakis Staffer Gets No-Jail Deal via The Daily News 3/11/2021

Facebook Feud: Savino and Malliotakis via SILive 3/10/2021

In the Face of Thoughtless Opposition via SILive 3/9/2021

Punish Those Defying the Constitution via 3/1/2021

Higher Tolls Thanks to Congresswoman’s Vote via SILive 2/25/2021

NICPAC Raises Over $20,000 in Three Weeks via Brooklyn Paper 2/23/2021

Republicans Who Lie About the 2020 Election via Vox 2/22/2021

Power Broker for B.P. Traveled to D.C. on Day of Capitol Insurrection via Plea For the Fifth 2/16/2021

New PAC to Hold Malliotakis Accountable via SILive 2/13/2021

Nice try, Congress, but Transportation Needs Another $10B via Streetsblog 2/12/2021

GOP’s Munich Moment Part I via Daily Kos 2/8/2021

Wrong to Embrace ‘Whataboutism’ via amNY 2/7/2021

Congresswoman Slammed by Art Critics via Raw Story 2/6/2021

A Trump-Supporting Congresswoman in NYC via The New York Times 2/4/2021

Pro-Trump Republican Targeted Over Capitol Siege via Axios 2/1/2021

77 Days: Trump’s Campaign to Subvert the Election via NY Times 1/31/2021 *this article does not mention Rep. Malliotakis by name but it is a factual analysis of the Big Lie, which Malliotakis continues to peddle.

Rep. Malliotakis Does Not Represent Community’s Values via SILive 1/30/2021

Readers Sound Off on Nicole Malliotakis…via The Daily News 1/23/2021

Do You Feel You Were Duped? Erin Burnett’s interview with Nicole Malliotakis via CNN 1/21/2021

That Is a Lie – Nicole Malliotakis’ CNN interview via the Raw Story 1/21/2021

Concerning Congresswoman Malliotakis via The National Herald 1/20/2021

I Was Going to Go Fishing… via SILive 1/17/2021

SF Giants Owner Financed Seditionists via 1/16/2021

NY’s Congressional Objectors Face Skittish Donors via Gothamist 1/15/2021

So Much For “Time To Heal” via SILive 1/15/2021

Save Our Democracy Cosponsers via 1/15/2021

Being Represented by Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis via Politically Invisible Asians 1/14/2021

Congressmember Fueled Dangerous Doubts via SILive 1/14/2021

Cosponser of FORCE Act to keep Cuba on Terrorist List via 1/14/2021

Any Conscious or Shame? via SILive 1/14/2021

History is Watching via SILive 1/14/2021

Lies Threaten Our Democracy via SILive 1/13/2021

Freezing Donations to GOP Election Deniers via 1/13/2021

Disingenuous Malliotakis Wanted Trump Base via SILive 1/13/2021

Impeachment Sets Dangerous Precedent via SiLive 1/13/2021

Brooklyn Protest via the Brooklyn Paper 1/11/2021

Not a Good Look via SILive 1/10/2021

Resign Now via SILive 1/9/2021

Jones, AOC, Bowman, all call for Malliotakis’ Resignation via wpix11 1/9/2021

Political Fallout after Capitol Siege via NY1 1/9/2021

Malliotakis Satisfied Base, Let Country Down via SILive 1/8/2021

Rep Malliotakis Doesn’t Think Trump Should be Removed from Office via News12 1/7/2021

Republicans Who Challenged the Election via The Hill 1/7/2021

Backlash for Anti-Biden Bid via the City 1/7/2021

Malliotakis Must Be Rebuked via amNY 1/7/2021

Malliotakis Continues Objection after Mob Storms Capitol via amNY 1/7/2021

On Objecting to Some Electoral College Votes via SILive 1/5/2021

Malliotakis Sides with Trump via amNY 1/5/2021

Blasts Gender Neutral House Rules via the New York Post 1/2/2021

Taking on “The Squad” via Politico 12/28/2020

Conspiracy Train will Crash via SILive 12/21/2020

Malliotakis Joins Call for Election Investigation via SILive 12/17/2020

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