Social Media Contradictions

Malliotakis back the blue
Malliotakis has different messaging when situations go against her narrative.

Some examples of Nicole Malliotakis taking a hardline stance on supporting the NYPD and merely retweeting a retweet on a situation that occurred when a white man, who she supported in his resistance to state laws resulted in him resisting arrest and hitting a sheriff’s deputy with his car. While she expressed her condolences for Officer Sicknick, who died during the 1/6 Capitol riot, she followed her familiar pattern of providing a succinct and passionless statement about his death, as it goes against the narrative she constantly pushes: 

“My staff and I offer condolences to the family of Officer Brian Sicknick and thank the Capitol Police, FBI, Secret Service and National Guard for their swift actions on Wednesday. The individuals who killed Officer Sicknick, assaulted other law enforcement and destroyed parts of the Capitol building must be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.” 

Nicole Malliotakis and anti-semitism

Nicole Malliotakis took a hardline stance when Rep. Ocasio-Cortez likened the detention facilities to concentration camps but chose a softer reprimand and tone when addressing her old campaign manager from her mayoral run, who is her current senior advisor and runs the Von Agency, of which Nicole Malliotakis’ Director of Operations is contracted through.

Malliotakis’ Unity Message Rings Hollow

For all of Nicole Malliotakis’ talk about being united and working across the aisle, her words and actions during and after the inauguration fell short of that ideal. She has expressed nothing but disdain and anger for the new Biden Administration without providing any alternative solutions.

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