NYS Assembly Votes 2010-2020

07/24/2020 Authorizes Ballots to be Postmarked on Election Day No
07/23/2020 Authorizes Absentee Voting Due to Risk of Contracting a Disease No
07/23/2020 Requires Public Employers Prepare Public Health Emergency Plans Yes
07/23/2020 Establishes Automatic Voter Registration No
07/22/2020 Requires Mortgage Lenders to Provide Notice for Foreclosure Proceedings No
07/22/2020 Prohibits the Use of Glyphosate on State Property Yes
07/21/2020 Amends Various Power of Attorney Laws No
07/21/2020 Amends Civil Rights Law in Relation to “Frivolous” Lawsuits No
07/21/2020 Prohibits the Suspension of Driver’s Licenses Due to Inability to Pay Traffic Tickets or Fines No
07/20/2020 Prohibits Civil Arrest of Individuals Attending Court Proceedings No
07/20/2020 Amends Criminal Procedure Laws to Waive Certain Surcharges and Fees for Defendants Under the Age of 21 No
06/10/2020 Establishes an Office of Special Investigation Under the Attorney General No
06/10/2020 Establishes the Law Enforcement Misconduct Investigative Office No
06/10/2020 Establishes the Law Enforcement Misconduct Investigative Office No
06/09/2020 Requires Police Officers to Provide Medical and Mental Health Attention No
06/09/2020 Establishes the “New York State Police Body-Worn Cameras Program Yes
06/09/2020 Authorizes Disclosure of Law Enforcement Disciplinary Records No
06/08/2020 Requires Law Enforcement Officers to Report Weapon Discharges to their Superior No
06/08/2020 Requires Courts to Compile and Publish Data on Misdemeanors and Violations and Law Enforcement Departments on Arre … No
06/08/2020 Prohibits Reporting a Non-Emergency Incident Involving a Member of a Protected Class No
06/08/2020 Prohibits Police Officers from Racial and Ethnic Profiling No
06/08/2020 Authorizes Individuals to Record Law Enforcement Activity Yes
05/29/2020 Appropriates Funds for Expenses Related to the COVID-19 Emergency No
05/28/2020 Establishes Temporary Moratorium on Utility Termination of Services Yes
05/28/2020 Authorizes Licensed Pharmacists to Administer COVID-19 Vaccine Yes
05/28/2020 Authorizes Suspending the Forfeiture of Unemployment Benefits During the COVID-19 State of Emergency No
05/28/2020 Establishes the “Emergency Rent Relief Act of 2020 Yes
05/27/2020 Extends Eviction Protections for Tenants During Emergency Shutdowns No
05/27/2020 Repeals Certain Provisions of the CARES Act No
05/27/2020 Repeals Anti-Mask Law No
04/02/2020 Amends Criminal Justice Laws No
03/02/2020 Appropriates Funds for COVID-19 Coronavirus Response Yes
02/12/2020 Increases Protections of Certain Streams and Protected Waterways Yes
01/29/2020 Requires Housing Providers to Make Reasonable Accommodations for the Use of an Animal to Alleviate Symptoms of a D … Did Not Vote
06/21/2019 Reduces Amount of Time Workers on Strike Must Wait to Collect Unemployment No
06/20/2019 Prohibits Use of Biometric Identifying Technology in Schools Yes
06/20/2019 Prohibits Class-Based Wage Differentials Yes
06/20/2019 Extends Voter Registration Cutoff No
06/20/2019 Amends Marijuana-Related Laws and Violations No
06/19/2019 Amends Requirements for Workplace Harassment Claims Yes
06/18/2019 Authorizes Foster Care Adoptees to Have Contact with Their Parents No
06/14/2019 Increases State Rent Control Protections and Stabilization Rules No
06/13/2019 Prohibits Exemption from Vaccinations Based on Religious Beliefs Yes
06/12/2019 Authorizes Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants No
06/05/2019 Establishes Patient Protections from Emergency Care Charges No
06/04/2019 Requires Internet Service Providers to Comply with Net Neutrality Rules No
06/04/2019 Prohibits Declawing Cats Yes
05/22/2019 Amends State Tax Laws Regarding Presidential Tax Return Requests No
05/21/2019 Establishes Parameters for Exemptions to Presidential Pardons No
05/20/2019 Prohibits 3D Printed Firearms Yes
03/31/2019 Establishes $175.5 Billion Budget for FY 2019-2020 No
03/31/2019 Amends Criminal Justice Regulations No
03/31/2019 Establishes a Healthcare Budget for FY 2019-2020 Yes
03/31/2019 Prohibits Retail Stores from Using Plastic Bags No
03/26/2019 Prohibits Harassment of Rent Regulated Tenants No
03/19/2019 Increases Number of Speed Cameras in School Zones No
03/06/2019 Increases Age for Tobacco Sale Regulations No
03/04/2019 Increases Penalties for Improper Gun Storages No
01/29/2019 Prohibits Firearms on School Campuses No
01/29/2019 Amends Background Check Regulations No
01/29/2019 Establishes a Firearm Buyback Program No
01/29/2019 Establishes Extreme Risk Protection Orders No
01/22/2019 Authorizes Comprehensive Abortion Coverage No
01/15/2019 Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity or Expression No
01/14/2019 Authorizes Voter Pre-Registration No
01/14/2019 Requires the Transference of Registration and Enrollment of Voters after Moving No
01/14/2019 Limits Campaign Contributions by Closing LLC Loophole Yes
01/14/2019 Establishes Early Voting Period Yes
01/14/2019 Expands Aid For Higher Education to Undocumented Children No
06/20/2018 Prohibits Auto Lenders From Remotely Disabling Vehicles Yes
06/14/2018 Establishes New York Health Plan No
06/13/2018 Authorizes Extreme Risk Protection Orders No
06/13/2018 Amends Sex Trafficking Definition Yes
06/06/2018 Amends Housing Finance Laws No
06/06/2018 Requires Certain Marijuana Convictions be Sealed No
06/06/2018 Authorizes Medical Marijuana for Opioid-Use Disorder Yes
05/16/2018 Requires Public Education about Veterans’ Mental Health Yes
05/02/2018 Prohibits State Test Scores from Teacher Evaluations Yes
04/23/2018 Amends Penal Law for Victims of Human Trafficking Yes
03/30/2018 Prohibits Individuals Convicted of Domestic Abuse from Purchasing Firearms No
03/05/2018 Authorizes Certain Actions by the Health Commissioner No
06/15/2017 Authorizes Phone Call After Prison Transfer Yes
05/17/2017 Expands Cigarette Legislation to Apply to Electronic Cigarette No
05/16/2017 Establishes New York Health Plan No
02/02/2016 Requires Employers to Provide Paid Family Leave No
06/17/2015 Vaccine Requirements No
05/04/2015 Increases Minimum Wage No
04/29/2015 Classifies Conversion Therapy on Minors as Professional Misconduct Yes
04/27/2015 Amends Existing Labor Laws No
03/31/2015 Establishes Annual Teacher Evaluation Program No
03/31/2015 2015-2016 Budget No
03/25/2015 Prohibits the State from Prohibiting Access to Abortion Services No
03/17/2015 Requires Employers to Provide Paid Family Leave Yes
06/19/2014 Reduces New York City Speed Limit No
06/19/2014 Authorizes Medical Marijuana Yes
06/19/2014 Authorizes Demonstration Program for Red Light Cameras No
06/19/2014 Requires State-Funded Projects to Consider Climate Change Effects Yes
06/18/2014 Prohibits Workplace Discrimination Based on Reproductive Health Decisions Yes
06/16/2014 Prohibits Hydraulic Fracturing for 3 Years No
06/16/2014 Prohibits Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy on Minors Yes
04/28/2014 Authorizes Traffic Cameras on Long Island No
03/25/2014 Requires the President to be Elected by Popular Vote Yes
03/05/2014 Amends Worker Paid Leave Laws No
02/11/2014 Authorizes Early Voting No
01/27/2014 Requires Equal Pay Did Not Vote
05/13/2013 Extends Worker’s Benefits to Farm Laborers No
03/06/2013 Establishes a Two-Year Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing No
03/05/2013 Increases Minimum Wage No
01/15/2013 Establishes Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Yes
06/21/2012 Authorizes Special Education Tuition Reimbursement Yes
06/19/2012 Requires Firearms to Have Microstamping Technology No
05/15/2012 Increases Minimum Wage No
04/30/2012 Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity or Expression No
03/15/2012 Amends the Public Employee Retirement System Yes
03/14/2012 State Legislative Redistricting Yes
03/14/2012 Authorizes Casino Gambling Yes
06/23/2011 Health Benefit Exchange Act No
06/20/2011 Freelance Wage Protection No
06/15/2011 Marriage Equality Enactment No
04/11/2011 Rent Regulation No
04/11/2011 Prohibiting Discrimination in Wages Based on Gender, Race or National Origin No
04/04/2011 Authorizing an Intercity Bus Permit System No

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